Monday, 3 April 2017

Our Beating Hearts

                       Our Beating Hearts
In November, third class were learning all about the body.  We investigated the effect that excercise can have on your heart and pulse rate.
We predicted what we thought might happen. We used stop watches and digital timers to calculate the results.

Stop watches
Digital timers
Grid for results

 1. Find you pulse rate and heart rate.
2. Start your timer and count your pulse for one minute while stationary. Record your results.
3. Run for one minute.
4. Take your pulse for a further one minute straight after your exercise. Record your results.
5. Compare your heart and pulse rate before and after exercise.
We compared each person's pulse and found who had the fastest and slowest pulse. We then used subtraction to find the difference between each pair working together.

Before exercise our pulse rate was 82 beats per minute and after it was beats per minute.
After exercise our heart rate increased to allow blood and oxygen to be pumped around our body.

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