Saturday, 1 April 2017

Honey Pots

Room 4 were learning all about materials in Science. 

One Monday morning we had a special delivery from a bear called Honey Pots 

Honey Pots wanted us to test out the materials of four different hats. His factory were getting a lot of complaints from bears who were having picnics in the forests. Every time it rained their hats would get soaked as they were not waterproof. 

Here were the different hats that we tested: 

A paper hat: 

A Plastic hat: 

A cap: 

A wool hat: 

We put a drop of water on each of the hats and tested to see if the materials were waterproof or not. 

Here were our results: 

Paper hat: Not waterproof 

Plastic hat: Waterproof 

Cap: Not Waterproof 

Wool hat: Not Waterproof 

We wrote a letter back to Honey Pots telling him our results. 

We hope the bears will be dry on their next picnic in the woods. 

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