Sunday, 2 April 2017

2nd Class

Identifying Trees

2nd class learnt how to identify trees by their bark, leaves and fruits.
We went to a local area and children using their information had to identify the trees.  They worked in groups of tree, As not all the leaves on the trees have appeared yet the children looked at the bark of the tree and looked under the tree for evidence(wilted leaves or fruits)

We identified the horse chestnut tree by the leaf

Here is a beech nut from the beech tree that the children found under the tree

The children were put into groups of three and sent off to identify different trees

One group identified a beech tree from the fruit of the tree

They identified the trees from the bark

One group identified the sycamore tree from a wilted leaf under the tree
 Sycamore tree identified by looking at the bark
 Sycamore tree identified from its fruit

Local Habitats
We looked at the habitats in our local area
1. A tree
 2. ground

 5.shrubbery pond
 We named all the animals that lived in the habitat

Growing Plants

 We learnt all about what a plant needs to grow.
 We then lifted up stones and pots to discover that nothing was growing underneath
 The children were quick to tell me that there was no sunlight under an object

Planting Seeds

We took 2 bottles and cut them to make a greenhouse for the planting of seeds

We filled the top half of a bottle with compost

We planted mint and spinach seeds

We put the bottles together to make a greenhouse

We planted spinach and mint seeds in different conditions,  We planted seeds in a greenhouse with all the conditions needed in order for a plant to grow, We then eliminated one of the essential conditions for seeds to grow in three of the greenhouses. The fourth greenhouse had all the essential elements.
Essential elements are:sunlight, water, oxygen, heat

The children predicted what would happen to the plants

We watered the plants apart from one of them. We will pot the plants after some time.

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