Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Junior infants room 3 had fun with floating and sinking

We had fun doing a science experiment about floating and sinking. We all held the objects and guessed if they would float or sink, then we the put objects into water to test it out.

We found that apples float, the cork, the feather, the lollypop stick and the big plastic bottle all  float on top of the water.

We tested plastic and wooden blocks and found that both the plastic and wooden blocks float.

We also found that plastic and wooden spoons float but metal spoons sink.
Anything with metal in it sunk to the bottom even a plastic  peg with a little bit of metal in it!

The scissors, key, pin and metal spoon all sunk to the bottom aswell as crayons and a marble. 

It was a lot of fun! Check out the pictures of us below :)

We sorted the objects into sets.

We discussed heavy and light and if this had an impact on whether something floated or sunk. We tested different sized blocks.

.Check out the pictures of us below :)




We drew pictures in our copies of things that float and sink.



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