Thursday, 8 December 2016

Oobleck and Slime in Clondalkin Library- 6th Class

We went to a Junior Einsteins Show in Clondalkin Library as part of Science Week. We  explored liquids and solids by making two different types of slime. We made Oobleck, Elephant's Toothpaste, Slime and experimented with a Plasma Ball. 

Making Oobleck
We made Oobleck by mixing cornflour, water and food colouring. When we touched it slowly it was a liquid, but when we touched it hard it felt like a solid. The reason was that on normal flour the grains have smooth edges, but cornflour's grains have jagged edges. When you mix it together really well the jagged edges go together and form a hard layer which your finger can't get through.

Making Slime
To make slime we used food colouring, borax, glue and water. When we added Borax to the glue it changes the glue to make slime. This happens because the Borax makes a chemical reaction. it changes the glue from lots of little separate molecules to long chains of molecules, so they look like slime.

Air Cannon

Making "Elephant's Toothpaste"
"Elephant's Toothpaste"

We used a plasma ball to explore the pathways that electricity takes to go into the ground. We learned that electricity will always try to go to the ground, and that it will always try to find the easiest path.

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