Friday, 18 November 2016

LUNGS- How much air can my lungs hold? 6th Class

Experiment: How much air can my lungs hold?    By Isobel Doherty

Materials Needed
basin, 5l bottle, tubing, water, measuring jug, permanent marker.

  • Firstly, we started by using the measuring jig to mark the 5l bottle in 250ml measurements. We added 250ml each time to the bottle and marked the water line, repeating this until the bottle was full. This took a long time!
  • Next, we got a basin and filled it 2/3 of the way with water. Then we put the bottle in the basin upside down and screwed off the top without letting any of the water come out of the 5l bottle.
  • People in our class took turns blowing into the tubing. First, they took a big breath to fill up their lungs with air. Then they blew all of the air out of their lungs, through the tubing and into the 5l bottle. The air from the lungs pushed the water out of the 5l bottle, so we could see how much air each person’s lungs held.
  • We thought that taller people would have bigger lungs, so we tested it out. We were correct.

Emma C.   2.5l
Valentina 2.75l
Chloe: 2.5l
Precious: 1.75l
Sophie: 1.40l
Angela: 1.40l
Demi: 2.1l

Finally, we found the average of all the people who took part by adding together all of the results and divided by the number of results:
(2.5 + 2.75 + 2.5 + 1.75 + 1.40 + 1.40 + 2.1) / 7

The average was 2.05l. 

Marking the bottle

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