Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Three Little Pigs

Senior Infants were reading the Story ‘The Three Little Pigs’  and decided to do our own experiment to see which materials would be best to build a house for the Three Little Pigs.

We used materials we had in the classroom. Each group got to make different houses.

Group 1 plastic straws

Group 2 Lollipop sticks

Group 3 Lego

Group 4 Polystyrene

When the houses were ready to be tested The Big Bad Wolf (hair dryer)  arrived to blow them down.

We used a stop watch on a phone to see how long it took to blow them over.

The Polystyrene house was blown down in 33 seconds 

The lollipop stick house was blown down in 29 seconds 

The straw house was blown down in 2 minutes and 30 seconds 

The Lego house wasn't blown over at all. It was the strongest house. 

We found out that the Lego house was the strongest and the Big Bad Wolf was unable to blow it down. It was the best material for building a house as the bricks clicked in together making it very strong. 

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