Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Room 9 explored with Forces and Catapults

First Class in Room 9 have been exploring forces the last while.

We discovered the difference between pushing and pulling and tested ourselves with quizzes on the interactive whiteboard. Try them by clicking the picture.

We explored the feeling of pushing and pulling using clay. We made big bad wolves by pulling out the nose, pushing in the neck, pulling out the ears and tails, pushing in the shape for the eyes and more!

We chatted about catapults. Some of us had a turn using a very simple catapult... a dustpan!

We talked about how catapults use force. A catapult is a lever and we apply force to it. When we release our force the load flies off!

We split up into groups of four. Each group got 2 large lollipop sticks and 8 smaller ones. We got three elastics also. Teacher told us to make a catapult.
Hmm... that was interesting! We came up with some good ideas but only one group made one that worked! They showed the rest of us how they made it!

We all made a catapult and checked for accuracy and distance.

We measured how far the load travelled using lollipop sticks.

We wrote about our investigation afterwards.

We showcased our knowledge at the science fair in February.

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