Monday, 27 March 2017

Forces in Room 2

As part of Science week in our school Room 2 decided to do an experiment based on the concept of forces. We spoke about forces at first, discussing what items we need to push to move and what items we need to pull to move.

Teacher then told us that we were going to test how far cars travel down certain types of ramps. We had smooth ramps, hard ramps, bumpy ramps, and even fluffy ramps. We all had to guess how far the car would travel on each ramp before we tested it out. We used straws to measure how far each car travelled. Here are some pictures of us carrying out the experiment in our classroom.
To make it a fair test we had to start the car from the same place in the ramp and all the ramps and to be placed at the same height.




We all got a turn to either put the car down the ramp or measure how far it travelled by placing straws along the track. We came to the conclusion that the ramps that were rough and bumpy made the cars slow down and therefore didn't travel as far a long the ground. The ramps that were smooth allowed the cars to travel father along the ground. 

We used the IWB to show how far all the cars travelled.

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